Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most frequently used treatment
modalities in individual counseling.  It's often applied to help people improve
management of anxiety and depressive symptoms, but can be applied to a variety
of other situations as well (e.g. anger management, improving self-esteem).

The theory behind Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is deceptively simple.  It suggests
that our thoughts and beliefs are the primary driving forces behind shifts in our
moods, and that these rooted perspectives are what guide our choices.  Anxiety
and depressive conditions develop and persist in this way.  Thankfully, when we
know how to take control of this process, recovery can also blossom from it.  As we
gain insight about our own cognitive processes, and apply that insight with
deliberate changes in how we think and feel, we can establish new neural pathways,
become more adaptive in our thinking, and change the inner landscape of our
minds.  Making improvements in self-care and other changes in our behavioral
habits serves to reinforce these changes and solidify progress.

The language between our ears is a very powerful force.  Depression and anxiety
develop and grow by orchestrating its direction.  Thankfully, wonderfully, we can use
that same force to take control back.  We can use that process to 'starve out' the
depression, and steer our thoughts and beliefs to become more adaptive, resilient,
and accurate.  So it is with anxiety, and panic, and self-esteem issues.  So it is with
unhealthy habits, anger problems, and phobias.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy was the primary therapeutic orientation (type of
counseling) that I learned when I went through my graduate program to become a
counselor.  It has brought benefit and relief to a great many people and may be just
as helpful to you.  Please call me if you have any questions about it, so we can
determine whether this may be part of your plan for recovery and your ticket to
relief and peace of mind.
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