Definitions vary, according to where you look.  I like this one from the
Vermont Department of Mental Health (

"Evidence-based Practices: Approaches to prevention or treatment that are based in
theory and have undergone scientific evaluation. "Evidence-based" stands in contrast to
approaches that are based on tradition, convention, belief, or anecdotal evidence."

"Practitioners seldom have as much evidence as they would like about the best clinical
approach to use in any given clinical situation. To choose the optimal approach for each
client, clinicians must draw on research, theory, practical experience, and a
consideration of client perspectives. Picking the best option at the moment using the
best information available has been termed “evidence-based thinking”.  

In simpler terms, one might say that evidence-based treatment includes those ideas that
have been tested over time, with scientific research, and have, to the general satisfaction
of researchers and practitioners, been established as the ideas that are likely to work.
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