Motivational interviewing is "a collaborative, person‐centered form of guiding to elicit and
strengthen motivation for change.”
1  It's a means of working together to explore
ambivalence.  This helps to work through 'stuck points' that may be preventing you from
figuring out which direction you'd like to go with different situations, and to start making
more progress toward your goals.  This can be very effective in working through difficulties
with achieving sobriety, quitting smoking, improving diet or exercise, or any other
situation where it feels like one part of you wants one thing, and another part of you
wants another.  I have a special appreciation for motivational interviewing, because it's
driven by a spirit of respect and often works wonderfully for gaining traction when you feel
like you're 'spinning wheels' and want to make more progress toward important changes.
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1.  An Overview of Motivational Interviewing (n.d.)  Retrieved July 19th, 2013 from